Epoxy Coatings

4 Litres

Epoxy inorganic Zinc Silicate (PM9400)
Epoxy Primer:

This is used directly on the metal after blasting (surface preparation) to prevent rust. They are high performance coatings for protection of metal, steel and concrete. They are available in primers, High Build and finish state. They are basically two pack products Part A (Base) and Part B (Hardener). This is a form of Epoxy Primer used in highly corrosive area. The Zinc content is the self-sacrificial metal that provides the full protection to the substrate. It is also used directly on bare metal.

• Non Toxic
• Two – coat finish to improve adhesion
• Can be used in normal and chemical environment.
• Superior resistance to moisture, corrosion and rust.
• High percentage Zinc content.
• Gives outstanding Galvanic protection to steel
• It is weld able

Typical use:
All structural steel, Chemical factories, Refineries, heavy industrial environments.