We are committed to evolving and attaining our goals


The commencement of the Automated Water Based Plant located at our headquarters which was commissioned in Q1 2020 as first of its kind in Sub-Sahara Africa, as it conforms to international standards. Our new fully automated factory is expected to activate the industrialization era of the paint sector in Nigeria as this will be the trend going forward. The plant would help create jobs for Nigerians, strengthen the Naira and sustain the local paint market.


Berger Paints has been a trusted name in the paint industry for over four decades, renowned for its superior quality products that provide customers with long-lasting beauty and protection. However, the world around us is constantly changing, and as a brand, we must evolve to stay relevant and engaging to our customers. Thus, we have set a new mission for Berger Paints- to leverage our talented team and advanced manufacturing technology to deliver superior products and satisfaction to our stakeholders.

Together, we have developed a new tagline, “Experience your world in colour” which encapsulates our brand’s ethos and captures our focus on providing unique and memorable experiences to our customers. We recognize that the old logo does not align with the brand’s new vision and positioning and also does not communicate the brand’s refreshed personality which is to be modern and accessible to its target audience. The goal of this rebrand was to create a cohesive and compelling visual identity that resonates with our audience and reflects our commitment to excellence. We are excited to present our new identity to the world and look forward to a bright future for Berger Paints. Click here to view pictures from our soft launch.

Old logo
New logo
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