With a 64-year history, our roots can be traced back to the 1950s!
In this dynamic and ever-changing industry, we have pioneered a wide range of special products that are highly sought for.

Berger Paints Nigeria Plc, which began operations in Nigeria on January 9, 1959, with the registration number RC.1837, has grown to be a leader in the Coating and Allied Industry in Nigeria – a legacy passed down from Lewis Berger, the German Colour Chemist who founded the Berger Paints’ dynasty in London in 1760.

Abi Allison Ayida
Vision & Mission

Berger Paints Nigeria PLC is also the first company to unveil an ultramodern fully automated factory with a daily capacity of 10,000,000 litres of paint production.

With a manufacturing plant and main distribution center in Lagos, over 25 depots/business partners’ outlets, Colour World centers, and a countrywide distribution network of dealers in strategic locations spread throughout the country, the company operates in five business segments: Decorative/Architectural finishes,

Industrial coatings, Marine & Protection coatings, Automotive/Vehicle refinishes, Wood Finishing and Preservers.

The Company’s ongoing dedication to the research and manufacturing of paints and associated coatings that are technologically accurate, ecologically benign, and engineered to endure extreme tropical conditions has been the most remarkable contributor to our success.

We entered into a partnership agreement with

KCC Corporation, South Korea’s largest heavy-duty coating manufacturing firm, in 2012 to jointly service the Nigerian paint and coating industry. This partnership affords our customers the quality and durability that marine and protective market have found synonymous with the KCC marine and heavy-duty brands.

We are also the preferred company of choice when it comes to major corporate and government supply and application projects.


Our vision is to be the top manufacturing paint brand in Africa.

Our mission is to leverage our talented team and advanced manufacturing technology to deliver superior products and satisfaction to our stakeholders

We act equitably while holding one another to high standards consistently.
Dependability and consistency geared towards winning the customer’s confidence is our goal.
We leverage the advancement in technology to produce good quality products for our customers.
Consistently making customers’ order available within reasonable time and rendering quality customer service.
Collaboration and cooperation are essential elements in attaining our goals. ‘The success of one is the success of all.
1959 - 1969

Incorporated as British Paints (West Africa), started importation of paints from NewCastle. Distribution done through outlets of PZ, Brossette and VYB. Acquired 6.5 acres of landed property and commisioned the first paint factory in March 1962.

Pioneer status earned & attracted interest from investors.

Commenced production of top quality decorative paint under the international name ROBIALLAC.

1969 - 1979

Acquired by Berger, Johnson & Nicholson in 1969 through an offshore arrangement. Consequently, all subsidiaries worldwide had to change their names to reflect the new ownership. In Nigeria British Paints (West Africa) became Berger Paints Nigeria Limited and Lewis Berger (Overseas Holdings) Limited, United Kingdom became the foreign shareholders. Factories in Port Harcourt & Lagos merged under the new business name Berger Paints Nigeria Limited.

Following the Nigeria Enterprise Promotion Decree of 1972, the owners of Berger Paints Nigeria Limited divested through an offer for sale of 60% of their shares on the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE) and we became the first paint manufacturing company to be quoted on the NSE on 14th December 1973.

Commenced production of premium quality decorative paint under the international name LUXOL in 1975 and TEXTCOTE-fire retardant in 1978.

Introduced PROCOL; an insect repellent paint formulated to eradicate domestic insects such as mosquitoes and cockroaches.

1979 - 1989

Ownership structure started tilting towards Nigerian Shareholders who controlled between 60% and 63% & gradually took the destiny of the company in their hands.

Factories in Lagos & Port Harcourt attained a joint production capacity of 25 million liters per annum and employed over 500 Nigerians.

In 1987, William Holdings (United Kingdom) acquired and sold the decorative group to the UB group and the new owner still retained the name Lewis Berger (Overseas Holdings) Limited, United Kingdom as the owners of Berger Paints Nigeria Limited.

1989 - 1999

In 1989, Berger Paints Limited, being a public quoted company through the process of the Nigeria Stock Exchange, traded the Limited for PLC and officially became Berger Paints Nigeria Plc (BPNPlc).

In 1997 CAB (Overseas Holdings) Limited, United Kingdon, bought half of the offshore shares and the other half was taken over a management buy-out (MBO) Scheme.

In 1998, PZ Plc of Manchester (UK), divested and its shares were taken over through another MBO scheme. It is however on record that Berger Paints has had the most successful MBO scheme to date. It is equally noteworthy to mention the MBO had no technical fee, as the corporate name of BERGER and all the international brand names became free, giving Berger Paints Nigeria Plc the right to manufacture and market all the overseas Berger Brands in Nigeria.

1999 - 2009

Nigerian citizens and associations shareholdings increased to 78% while management staff had about 10%.

Company shares grew from 9,000 shareholders in 1989 to 38,000+ shareholders from an authorized share capital of N36.6 Million to N160 Million.

Commenced production of Industrial Coatings.

Commenced production of Marine & Protecton Coatings.

Commenced production of AUTOLUX, BERGERNOL & LIGNOLAC.

Introduced new packaging designs & special tamperproof seals.

Overhauled color scheme to offer a wide range of brilliant and refreshing colors.

2009 - date

Achieved 100% indigenous ownership.

Commenced opening of Berger Colour World, bringing the company closer to the customers.

Commencement development of the Automated Water Based Plant, the new fully automated factory is expected to activate the industrialization era of the paint sector in Nigeria.

In 1959, Berger Paints established the first paint manufacturing factory in Nigeria and commenced local production.
We have pioneered a wide range of speciality products that are much sought after in this dynamic and ever-changing market.
A legacy inherited from Lewis Berger, the German Colour Chemist who founded the Berger Paints’ dynasty in London, in 1760...
We see our employees as major stakeholders who are instrumental to the success of the company.
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