Non-Decorative Brands

Non-decorative product ranges


Epoxy Coatings:

High performance coatings for protection of metals and structural steel both onshore & offshore. Available as Primer, High Build  & Finishes


Acrylic Polyurethane:

Topcoat with Excellent colour and gloss retention for new construction/maintenance of metal, wood or concrete substrates


Silicone Heat Resisting:

Excellent heat resistant product(up to 600ºC) with anticorrosive protection for clean steel. Available in Zinc & Aluminum forms


Chlorubber Paint:

Chlorubber based coating with excellent water resistance. Designed for both interior & exterior use such as Concrete, metals, walls, swimming pool, fish ponds, lawn tennis court, chemical plants & equipment


Marine/Alkyd Gloss::

High quality alkyd decorative designed for easy application on general steel etc.


Antifouling Paint:

A highly specialized coating meant for the Hull of a ship or boat.  Prevents attachment of marine organisms. It is available in HTS &super topical form.


Etch Wash Primer::

High quality wash with excellent etching properties for non-ferrous metals.


Road Marking Paint:

Acclaimed as a most technologically advance road marking paint engineered specifically for Nigerian climatic conditions. A thermoplastic based paint that can be reflective or non-reflective


Bright Aluminum:

A bright luster finish for exterior use, resistant to heat up to 200ºC.