Corporate Governance

BERGER PAINTS NIGERIA PLC considers its employees to be the representatives of the company and expects them to act with HONESTY and INTEGRITY in all matters pertaining to the company. The Board considers this as a priority responsibility in discharging its roles in line with Corporate Governance principles. This Code of Conduct and
Ethics covers various aspects such as:

  • Employee responsibility
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Financial records
  • Use of Company Assets
  • Working with customers and suppliers
  • Protecting Information
  • Administration of Code

Employees are encouraged to ask for guidance when in doubt on issues relating to the Code of Business Conduct, Ethics and Compliance Matters and to report possible violations. Directors, managers, and all employees have responsibility to maintain the code of conduct in the company and report suspected violations. To show the seriousness of this process, Board members are to sign yearly. The Board expects all members of staff to sign a copy each as evidence of commitment to comply with all its provisions. Together, we will continue to make the company live up to the standard expected of a good corporate citizen.

Long live Berger Paints Nigeria Plc!
Long live Nigeria!

Chairman, Board of Directors