Berger Paints Facts

Factsheet about Berger Paints Nigeria

  1. Berger Paints Nigeria remains the biggest and oldest paints manufacturing company in the world operating in Nigeria.

  2. Berger Paints’ ColourWorld centers operate a countrywide distribution network of dealers spread in strategic locations to maintain its commitment to the innovative development and manufacture of paints and allied coatings through cutting-edge technology.


  1. The Board of Berger Paints Nigeria encourages the exposure of unethical practices through its Whistleblowing Policy in which all reported cases are investigated while the whistle blower is protected.

  2. Berger Paints Nigeriais the only paint manufacturing company in Nigeria operating in the five key segments:
  • Decorative/Architectural Finishes
  • Marine and Protective Coatings
  • Automotive/Vehicle Refinishes
  • Industrial Coatings
  • Wood Finishes and Preservers

The Company is reputed to be the first in setting standards in the paint industry in Nigeria. Its scorecard includes the following:

  • First paint manufacturer to be established in Nigeria.
  • First paint company to be quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.
  • First paint researcher to introduce textured coating named Texcote to the Nigeria market.
  • First to develop, manufacture and supply coil-coating paint to aluminum factories in Nigeria.
  • First paint Company to win the Nigerian Stock Exchange Merit Award.
  • First to develop and supply Thermo Setting Acrylic paints to local industries.
  • First paint manufacturer to win NIS Award from SON for premium and market quality decorative products.
  • First to win the National Merit award for local raw materials utilization in the paints industry
  • First to introduce full process tamper-proof colour paint containers to the Nigerian market.