Ever wondered about the beautiful effect of colours in an environment? Colourful environment are known to inspire, motivate and boost the creativity of children. Choosing the right colour schemes to address certain objectives can be stressful, but little knowledge on colour schemes can be of great advantage to professionals in the academic industry.

Colours are integral part of our lives and affects our day to day interactions. They control our emotions, feelings and mood based on the visual perception of our environment.

Research have shown that, use of specific colours can boost performance on detailed oriented tasks such as memory retrieval and attention to details.

However the correct application on different areas can be of great benefit to teachers and students in the environment.


A well organized and colourful classroom is important in the life of every student. It is the place of  most student activities within the learning environment. The choice of colours in the room must help to stimulate information assimilation, prevent anxiety and promotes communication.

However different forms of colours can be used based on the intent of application. Warm colours are used in attention grabbing areas of the classroom to relay important information while Cool colours are used to promote a sense of calmness, balance and harmony within the environment.

However in the creation of a conducive environment for learning, the use of large amount of warm colours needs to be consider to avoid the concept of “overstimulation” among kids. This occurs as a result of large amounts of warm colours on walls of learning environment.

The application of cool colours in correct proportion with the warm colours can be used to correct this effect and result to a balanced environment.




What keeps you motivated?

Noticed the beautiful effect of colours splashes on walls of library in the process of assimilation and self-meditation. Colours are powerful and are known to influence the human mind, mood and brain. The right combination of colours in the library should align with the intent of space creation as different areas are designed for different activities.

Study areas can be branded with cool colours to provide the calm and relaxed environment for learners to reflect and meditate.

The splash of warm colours such as red and yellow is perfectly okay to boost the level of energy and excitement in the environment. However usage in excess must be control to avoid overstimulation.The use of warm colours in lounging and conversing areas is cool as these provides a form of excitement.



Choosing colour schemes for crèche playground can be challenging. This is due to differences in behaviour of pupils in the room. Combination of contrasting layers of warm and cool layers in different location creates a dazzling appearance to stimulate and engage the mind of kids.

Shades of warm colours such as red, pink and orange can be applied to elicit happiness, comfort and create intimacy in a large open space. Touch of yellow can also be applied to stimulate the mind and create an energizing effect in the environment.

To avoid the concept of hyperactivity and overcrowding, different shades of cool colours must be applied to provide a calming effect and provide a sense of relaxation in the environment. Popular shades of colour used in playground environment are purple, green and blue.



Designed for research and development, a hub of innovation and development of ideas. Shades of soft colours are highly recommended  to provide the calming and relaxation effect. However splash of warm colours on wall to excites the mental activity and raise the energy level in the room is highly recommended. One of the most favorite colours are shades of blue, due to its ability to lower heart rate and increases level of concentration among student.



A well designed entrance provides a sense of credibility and trust to the school. It is the first point of contact in the school environment and warm colours are highly recommended to grab the attention of the visitor and uplift their energy in their walk into the school premise.


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