Berger Paints Blog Post On Five Business Colour You Need To Know About


Over the years, colour matching have been used in solving puzzles relating to employees behavior. Research has revealed the effect of colours on business operations in reference to the behaviour of staffs to their daily activities.

In a beautified and protected environment, employees engagement are known to be increased due to wonderful nature of their surroundings. This results to increase in productivity, efficient workforce, quality output , reduction in operational cost and waste.

Getting the best fit, that will stimulate your workforce is determine by your business operations. Colours provide different psychological functions based on their environment. for example, choosing the right colour can stimulates behaviour of workers in the factory, influence purchasing behaviour of customers and leads in contact with your sales department.

Below are five cool colours that can be applied in a business enviroment to enhance smooth operations.



Blue is a colour of trust, peace, order and loyalty. This accounts for usuage by most social networks, religious and financial institutions . It is an excellent and calm colour, represents stability and enables workers focus on their task. It is known to reduce blood pressure, lowers respiration and heart rate.



GreenColur BergerPaints NIgeria

Suitable for individuals working for long hours, Associated with nature and is suitable for people who sits in front of computer screens for long periods of time. A great way to incorporate green is with a touch on some parts of the wall.

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This is often refer to as attention getter. mostly used in an environment that requires a lot of attention. A study at the University of Columbia reveals that the colour red boosts performance when workers have detail oriented tasks like proofreading or anything that requires memory retrieval. It is also known to stimulate the senses and arouse the feeling of power, energy, passion and love.

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It stimulates, energize and create enthusiasm. Mostly used by organization in sports entertainment and tourism. Orange represents fun, playfulness and social interaction. Due to its ability to stimulate appetite and conversation in humans, it is an invaluable colour in restaurants and cafes as it influence the purchasing intent of consumer.



Do you want an happy work force. A touch of yellow on your wall can create a cheerful and positive environment. It is also believe to stimulate innovation and suitable for work environment that requires a high level of creativity. E.g Business analyst, Graphic designer, Artist, Web designers and Developer.

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